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Holidaying at the Discovery Coast

The Discovery Coast is located on the Central Queensland coast between the Fraser Coast and the Whitsundays. It is home to some major coastal cities like Bundaberg and Rockhampton as well as some really beautiful coastal resort towns like Bargara, the Town of 1770, Agnes Water and Yeppoon and the Keppel Isles. Inland you should visit the cities of Emerald and Longreach and see the history of some of Australia's great outback. The Discovery Coast is the ideal destination for a family holiday, a fishing trip or a beach side getaway. In the north, the city of Rockhampton provides access to the region for those wanting to fly in from southern destinations. The Capricorn Coast area is nearby and stretches from Yeppoon and the Byfield National Park in the north through to Emu Park and Keppel Sands in the south. Rosslyn Bay has a well protected boat harbour that provides access for ferries and cruise boats to access the Keppel Islands that lie just offshore. This region provides excellent holiday infrastructure like top quality resort golf courses, island resorts and beach side accommodation.

white sandy beachwhite sandy beach

The towns of 1770 and Agnes water lie just to the south and provide a quieter atmosphere. The beach here is superb and is the northern most surfing beach on the east coast. When the wind blows strong from the south east there is an excellent surf running. The bays and estuaries of this region are alive with fish and many people come here for their annual vacation to go fishing and relax in this beautiful coastal atmosphere. The Great Barrier Reef lies just offshore and there are daily trips aboard a fast catamaran to see Lady Musgrave Island and its magnificent coral lagoon. Both the diving and fishing here are truly the best available. Access to the Great Barrier Reef through Heron Island which can be accessed from Gladstone and Lady Elliot Island.

In the southern region of the Discovery Coast is the city of Bundaberg and its coastal suburb of Bargara. Bargara is right on the beach and there is plenty of beachside holiday accommodation available. There is now a choice of beach side resort style apartments to choose from. There are two excellent golf courses in the region and at Mon Repos beach there is a major turtle rookery where several species of turtle visit annually to lay there eggs and propagate their species. Here, you can visit at night and see the adult turtles laying their eggs or the baby hatchlings digging their way out of their sandy nest and making their rush for the safety of the ocean. The kids will absolutely love it. In Bundaberg there are many places of interest including the Bundaberg Rum distillery which conducts regular tours and places like Schmieders Cooperage.

There is so much to see and do on the Discovery Coast that it makes the ideal place to spend some time on a family holiday.

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